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Carnosus ‎–The Universal Culmination lp [testpress]


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Testpress version. The label ordered a handfull of testpressings for approvement. However the testpressings came to the label with the original labels instead of testpress labels. So these testpress copies were marked with TP by the label owner. The testpressings doesnt have any artwork just a plain white innersleeve.

The debut release from this old school death metal band from Orebro, Sweden. This was recorded at Sunlight Studios with Tomas Skogsberg to get that lovely Swedish touch. This is a mix of modern death and old school death with a touch of both progg and technical parts. Fans of Cynic and Atheist should take notice as well as fans of Death, Pestilence and Decapitated

Track list:
1. Mortem Iudex
2. Shores Of Oblivion
3. The Universal Culmination
4. Mistress Of The Soil
5. Lost To Funereal Desires

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Burning Skull Records

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