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Carpathian Forest – Black Shining Leather


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Carphatian Forest needs no introduction; the Cult status surrounding this band in the True underground black metal scene since years is among the highest, Carpathian Forest is one of the few living legends in a scene overcrowded by trendies and newcomers who have lately jumped on the black metal wagon. Emerged at first with the legendary demo tape "Bloodlust & Perversion" (1992), when black metal was still unknown by the big mass and a music to fear, they received sudden enthusiastic responses from the whole underground. Their obsessive, morbid and grim sound has always been a firm trademark, and their key to the path of darkness. In 1993 the band released a second demo "Journey through the cold moors of Svarttjern", showing also a new approach to atmospheric, but still glacial tunes. These tapes quickly became cult items in the whole underground tape traders network. The band's few, not to say very rare, contacts with any form of underground medias (press,labels, distros) wrapped them with an impenetrable mistery, like a cobweb… One year later, the mighty Forest signed to Avantgarde Music and recorded their first minialbum (still their only official release to date): the black metal classic "Through chasm, caves and titan woods". This release placed C.F.straight up on the black metal elite's throne; the mcd/mlp was worldwide acclaimed and increased the cult status of this obscure duo. Now in 1998 Carpathian Forest are finally back. After three years spent in a mystical silence, the gods of true black metal are back with their long awaited full length album titled "Black shining leather", an incredible follow up to their legendary previous releases. And they still do it in the way we morbidly love…:raw, cold and grim as never before, disregarding late trends about gothic, symphonic and melodic black metal. Yes, the two mainmembers Nattefrost and Nordavind helped by the brilliant drum performance of Lazare from Solefald, unleashed one of the best albums of the whole black metal genre, the way extreme metal was meant to be. Eleven hymns of aggressive, music, featuring a chilling cover version of the Cure's classic A forest. Track listing: 1. Black Shining Leather 2. The Swordsmen 3. Death Triumphant 4. Sadomasochistic 5. Lupus 6. Pierced Genitalia 7. In Silence I Observe 8. Lunar Nights 9. Third Attempt 10. The Northern Hemisphere 11. A Forest-The Cure cover

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