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Carpathian Forest – Morbid Fascination Of Death


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Carpathian Forests third album of true Norwegian black metal. The tracks from this album were recorded at the same time as second album ‘Strange Old Brew’ and offers a continuation of the grim black metal featured on that album, and takes the line of experimentation ever further to great effect, alongside their trademark brand of raw black metal mixed with inspiration from the 80’s black metal scene & rock/punk genres, all spat out with an overdose of death and misanthropy. Tracklist: 1. Fever, Flames And Hell 2. Doomed To Walk The Earth As Slaves Of The Living 3. Dead 4. Morbid Fascination Of Death 5. Through Self-Mutilation 6. Knokkelmann 7. Warlord Of Misanthropy 8. A World Of Bones 9. Carpathian Forest 10. Cold Comfort 11. Speechless 12. Ghoul 13. Nostalgia (Demo)

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