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Carpathian Forest – Skjend Hans Lik


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Carpathian Forest is back, as always with the anti-human /anti-life enigma that is Hellcommander Nattefrost… Carpathian Forest states in the now legendary Bloodlust And Perversion, that they don't make ‘Grinding or Brutal Music’, they make fucking Evil and Epic Black Metal. Guess what! Over a decade later, they still do. This is a kind of compilation of rare material from the Forest, and it's a pretty good place to start if you want to learn about the misanthropic master-minds of Nattefrost and Nordavind. Besides the 6 gloomy tracks, you get an even better version of "Spill the Blood of The Lamb", the infamous "SKjend Hans Lik" and a live-version of Martyr/Sacrificulum. On top of this, there's also a video segment with the self-titled song. "Woods of Wallachia", taken from Bloodlust and Perversion. Tracks 1 and 2 recorded in Sound Suite, France, August / September 2002. Track 3 recorded in Zeitgeist Studio, April 2002. Track 4 recorded live in Pratteln Z7, October 2001. Tracks 5-9 taken from the Bloodlust and Perversion demo, 1992, remastered. Track listing: 1. Skiend Hans Lik 2. Humiliation Chant 3. Spill The Blood Of The Lamb 4. Martyr / Sacrificulum 5. Through The Black Veil Of The Burgo Pass 6. Bloodlust And Perversion 7. Return Of The Freezing Winds 8. The Woods Of Wallachia 9. Wings Over The Mountain Sighisoara 10. Carpathian Forest-video

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