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Cathedral – Hopkins:The Witchfinder General


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The title track on the EP also appeares on The Carnival Bizarre album and it’s a splendid track. Anyone that samples the great late actor Vincent Price will always get my attention. Next comes ‘Fire’ a psychedelic 60's Arthur Brown cover. The disc follows with the instrumental ‘Copper Sunset’ and ‘Purple Wonderland’. The longest and strangest track on the album is ‘The Devil's Summit’ a pretty bizarre thing which is doom and funk complete with Cathedral's trademark guitar tone backed by saxophone?. Within 30 minutes we go through doom, psychedelic rock, atmospheric type music, new wave, and funk. Cathedral shows that they are able to adapt to all of these styles and create a bizarre ep that's hard to categorize and fun to listen to. Track listing: 1. Spoken Intro / Hopkins 2. Fire 3. Copper Sunset 4. Purple Wonderland 5. The Devils Summit

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