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Cause For Alarm -S/t cd


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1995 cd release

Cause For Alarm was formed in New York City back in 1982, the same year that saw the birth of Agnostic Front. Both bands began playing hardcore punk similar to bands like Black Flag and Negative Approach, and were pioneers of the NYC hardcore sound. Cause For Alarm released their self titled 8-track recording as a vinyl single in 1983 and its one of the best NYHC recordings ever. The recording spoke to everyone, were thought provoking, and offended without being offensive. Its punk hardcore that are played hard, heavy and fast with vocals that are shouted in frenzy. Guitarist Alex Kinon then went to Agnostic Front who started to incorporate thrash metal elements into their music and then decided to call their coming album, Cause For Alarm. Which gives you an idea of the family ties the whole NY HC scene felt at the time.

Track list:
1. Parasite
2. Second Chance
3. Time To Try
4. United Races
5. In Search Of
6. Poison In The Machine
7. True Colors
8. Stand As One
9. Time Will Tell

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