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Cave In -Perfect Pitch Black cd [advance]


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After being dropped from RCA following 2003’s Antenna, Cave In rightfully returned to their true home on Hydra Head records and quickly turned out their follow up, Pitch Perfect Black. Thus far this album seems to have garnered a mixed bag of reviews, some describing it as a glorious return to the band’s roots and a phenomenal mixture of Jupiter and Until Your Heart Stops, while some are simply describing it as polished off demos put together as a full length. Neither description is really a correct classification for this album. While the band does incorporate elements of their older sound on this release (particularly Steven’s return to the tortured metalcore vocals he was known for on Until Your Heart Stops in places), this isn’t a glorious hardcore rebirth or anything of that nature. In fact Pitch Perfect Black is actually a fine stepping stone in the always evolving Cave In sound, and one that rightfully connects everything the band has done in the past to everything they are doing right now. This was a much needed album in the Cave In discography. It has the right draw to win back the hardcore elite who are in love with Until Your Heart Stops, and the sensible progressive appeal that attracted fans to Jupiter and Antenna. The incorporation of all ranges of their sound was a really great move on the band’s part, as it proves that Cave In still continue to be on of the most creative and overlooked bands in music. While it’s not some glorious Jupiter meets Until Your Heart Stops mix, for what it’s worth Pitch Perfect Black is a great treat for fans who have been wanting to see the band explore even further realms of their sound.

Track list:
1. Perfect Pitch Black
2. World Is In Your Way
3. Off To Ruin
4. Trepanning
5. Paranormal
6. Down The Drain
7. Droned
8. Ataraxia
9. Tension In The Ranks
10. Screaming In Your Sleep

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