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Celtic Frost -Emperors Return mlp [swirl]


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2023 press on black and green swirl vinyl with double sided poster

During the hiatus between the debut Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion, it was decided a five-song ep would save the hunger of Frost hoardings and perhaps give their new drummer Reed St.Mark a little more time to get acquainted with an over-the-top metal clamour that was about as well-travelled as the northern most tip of Greenland. So it had two tracks from Morbid Tales on it didnt matter, it had three new songs, and for fans who slept with Morbid Tales under their pillows, they were worth their weight in blue twisted steel. Besides, there was always hope of an unannounced difference in the original versions. To Mega Therion would be a few months away from release, so Circle Of The Tyrants wasnt yet the Frost national hymn it would later become, and with most notably the famous establishing riff played faster, the hellish background bellowing textured a bit differently, and a tad more echo slanting Toms lungs, the versions are only a few nuances apart. Of course all other tracks on this EP is pretty damn good, mind you, but when it comes to Celtic Frost, anything less than groundbreaking is bound to disappoint somewhat

Track listing:
1. Circle Of The Tyrants
2. Morbid Tales
3. Dethroned Emperor
4. Visual Aggression
5. Suicidal Winds

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BMG Records / Noise Records

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