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Celtic Frost – Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return [17 tracks]


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Special 17 song CD. Some glue damage on the cover. Tracklist: 1. Into The Crypts of Rays 2. Visions of Mortality 3. Dethroned Emperor 4. Mobid Tales 5. Circle of the Tyrants 6. Procreation (of the wicked) 7. Return to the Eve 8. Danse Macabre 9. Nocturnal Fear 10. Suicidal Winds 11. Visual Aggression Hellhammer's "Apocalyptic Raids" EP: 12. The Third of The Storms 13. Massacra 14. Triumph of Death 15. Horus / Aggressor 16. Revelation of Doom 17. Messiah

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