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Chaosbringer –Turn Into Ruins lp


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Black vinyl with booklet. Limited 400 copies

Chaosbringer is a Death Metal band from St. Petersburg, Russia formed in September 2013. The Russian underground scene is steadily growing, more and more great Punk and Crust bands are getting recognized all over the world and so it’s more than overdue that this huge country is giving birth to an enormous old school death metal beast. Sadly Bolt Thrower are dead, all their albums were re-listened thousands of times, Warmaster take ages to release a new album and Memoriam arent fulfilling all wishes of the hard Bolt Thrower fans, so it’s the perfect time for a band like Chaosbringer. It’s quite often to see Bolt Thrower comparisons in the descriptions of modern bands, but no one do the style of the mighty Birmigham’s death metal masters as perfectly as Russian Chaosbringer do. And not only musically, but also aesthetically too, having dedicated their songs to the themes of war and chaos, in many ways taking inspiration from the Warhammer 40.000 universe. The design of the album deserves particular attention. Superb front-cover painted by Serbian artist Nikola Matkovic, well-known for his works for Games Workshop (Warhammer / Warhammer 40.000). In an awesome twelve page booklet, for each of the nine songs of the album is given a separate page, and for each of them the guitarist Igor drew a separate exclusive drawing. An amazing panorama for the layout of the booklet was drawn by a russian artist / illustrator QSE4. Great debut full length of this Russian band.

Track list:
1. Challenge To Existence
2. Sentenced To Death
3. Dominion Of Fire
4. Turn Into Ruins
5. Corrupted Reality
6. Eternal Silence
7. Immersion In Darkness
8. Ascend To Chaos
9. Crisis Of Mankind

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