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Still sealed mono version

The music score for Chaplins art of comedy contains all the atmosphere and excitement of the wild era when silent comedy was in full bloom. Elias Breeskin, who compoaed and conducted this musical tribute to Charlie Chaplin, is no stranger to theh world of art and entertainment. In 1927, after a concert tour with Caruso, Breeskin founded the famed Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. A big musical name in the early days of Radio, he answered the call of hte Hollywood studios in 1935, where he went on to do a great deal of background music scoring. On this album we have classic Breesking recordings, originally composed for specific Chaplin sequences and they have been electronically and editorially woven into a fine musical tapestry to highlight the many moods of the great screen artist; Charlie Chaplin

Track list:
1. Chaplin’s Art Of Comedy
2. That Chaplin Walk
3. Approaching Chaos
4. Playboy’s Wild Night
5. Slapstick Souvenirs
6. The Carefree Vagabond
7. That Funny Little Fellow
8. Fast On His Feet
9. Charlie The Playboy
10. Playboy And The Snake Charmer
11. Tricks In Pantomine
12. The Sad Tramp

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