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Original UK press 1973

This album features twelve of Charlie Chaplin’s compositions embracing a wide variety of moods and styles. Most lovers of Chaplin will be familiar with Smile from Modern Times, Eternally or Where Is Your Heart from Limelight. But how about Green Lantern Song, a ragtime tune from A Dogs Life, or Napoli March from The Great Dictator? The music here was recorded by British pianist, composer and arranger Sydney Dale together with some of hte most skilled and experienced musicians in Britain. Everything is so well done throughout the album that it would be unfair to single out just one or two of those involved.

Track list:
1. Smile-from: Modern Times
2. Ze Boulevardier-from: The Great Dictator
3. This Is My Song-from: Countess Of Hong Kong
4. Napoli March-from: The Great Dictator
5. Mandolin Serenade-from: A King In New York
6. Paperhangers-from: A King In New York
7. Song Triste-from: A Dogs Life
8. Green Lantern Snag-from: A Dogs Life
9. Eternally-from: Limelight
10. Shoulder Arms March-from: Shoulder Arms
11. Carefree-from: The Idle Class
12. Toy Waltz-from: Modern Times

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Windmill Records

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WMD 205

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