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Chastain ‎–The Voice Of The Cult 30 Years Heavy lp


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30th anniversary reissue on black vinyl with lyric insert and 2 bonus tracks. Limited 300 copies

Another album that never received its deserved recognition is the fourth Chastain epos ‘The Voice Of The Cult’. What the band around string wizard and main shaman David T. Chastain came up with here was and still is phenomenal. At least the first four albums definitely are cream of the crop. There is a lot of variety, like in the stomping “Soldiers Of The Flames”, which steps on the pedal quite a bit towards the end. Or the mid paced hymn “Child Of Evermore” with its super fast rhythm guitar and the grumpy chorus or the amazing opening riff of the title track. Who on the one hand likes variety and good, intelligent melodies and on the other hand hefty, but not too wacked out guitar power and appreciates the expression Heavy Metal in its true meaning, should definitely try this album. Oh yes, if the title of ‘Heavy Metal Queen’ has been created for a singer, then it guess its for Chastain wildcat Leather Leone.

Track list:
1. The Voice Of The Cult
2. Live Hard
3. Chains Of Love
4. Share Yourself With Me
5. Fortune Teller
6. The Voice Of The Cult-instrumental
7. Child Of Evermore
8. Soldiers Of The Flame
9. Evil For Evil
10. Take Me Home
11. Evil For Evil-instrumental

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