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Chastain (Laaz Rockit/Vicious Rumors) – In An Outrage


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Chastain is a metal veteran and his heart lies in that classic heavy metal sound, galloping riffs, searing leads and that all encompassing melodic presence that gives his music power and vitality. Highly recommended for fans of killer melodic old school metal with no bullshit. In an Outrage smokes. With some interesting members: Kate French from Vain Glory, Dave Starr from Lääz Rockit and Larry Howe from Vicious Rumors. Tracklist: 1. In An Outrage 2. Malicious Pigs 3. Lucky To Be Alive 4. Souls The Sun 5. Bullet From A Gun 6. Women Are Wicked 7. Tortured Love 8. New Beginnings 9. Rule The World 10. Hamunaptra

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