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Children Of Bodom -Follow The Reaper dlp


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2020 press. Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and bonus tracks

Melodic death metal with the happiest keyboards the genre has ever seen, yet still uncompromisingly brutal. Children Of Decadence could be Emerson, Lake & Palmer, for the love of Beelzebub; such is the level of complexity and prominence of synthesizers. The frightening Finnish fivesome does a nice job of mixing up tempos on this, the band’s third studio disc, and manages to keep up the intensity in spite of (or maybe because of) the aural auditory mood swings. You won’t even recognize the bonus track cover Hellion, and it doesn’t even matter.

Track list:
1. Follow The Reaper
2. Bodom After Midnight
3. Children Of Decadence
4. Every Time I Die
5. Mask Of Sanity
6. Taste Of My Scythe
7. Hate Me
8. Northern Comfort
9. Kissing The Shadows
10. Hate Me!-original single version
11. Hellion-Wasp cover
12. Dont Stop At The Top
13. Shot In The Dark

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