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Cinema Strange –Pressed Flowers/Squashed Blossoms 2dvd


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Still sealed digipak dvd

Cinema Strange is a gothic punk / death rock band from California founded in 1994, founded by the brothers Daniel and Michael Ribiat. Their roots are in the traditional Gothic Rock of the 80s, with bands like the Virgin Prunes or the Sex Gang Children. In addition, the band is influenced by London After Midnight and the mournful tones of Sopor Aeternus. This dvd features a live show filmed on the 15th of November 2003 at the Heaven’s Gate III Festival in Strasbourg, France.

Track listing:
Dvd 1: PAL version
1. Ballade En Sol Mineur
2. Lindsays Trachea
3. Blast Off
4. Hebenon Vial
5. Agent X-Ray
6. Catacomb Kittens
7. Mr. Quilt’s Rotten Luck
8. Unlovely Baby
9. Ere The Flowers Unfold
10. Needlefeet
11. Legs And Tarpaulin
12. Golden Hand
13. Miming-Off In A Lake Of Burning Flame-documentary
14. Commandos… Dancing-short film
15. Beware Of Zombie Forest-short film

Dvd 2: NTSC version
16. Ballade En Sol Mineur
17. Lindsays Trachea
18. Blast Off
19. Hebenon Vial
20. Agent X-Ray
21. Catacomb Kittens
22. Mr. Quilt’s Rotten Luck
23. Unlovely Baby
24. Ere The Flowers Unfold
25. Needlefeet
26. Legs And Tarpaulin
27. Golden Hand
28. Miming-Off In A Lake Of Burning Flame-documentary
29. Commandos… Dancing-short film
30. Beware Of Zombie Forest-short film

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