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Circle of Pain – Paradox of Destitution


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On the album 'Paradox of Destitution' which was produced by Bobby Altvater, Circle Of Pain musically dramatise the tragic biography of Patrick, a young man whose thwarted idealistic search for harmony and companionship end in his cliff-hanger suicide. The band have grown and seem to have found the perfect formula to combine hard rock, catchy melodic refrains, punchy guitar riffs and a solid grooving rhythm section into a dynamical sparkling cocktail tasteful to any serious listener. Tracklist: 1. Prologue 2. Try 3. All The Time 4. The Way 5. Imagine 6. Reciprocity 7. Adolesence 8. Addressee Unknown 9. The Cage 10. Premonition 11. Narration 12. Pregnancy 13. Fallin' Snow 14. Cold December Morning 15. Winter Sun 16. Lonely Path Narration 17. Lonely Path 18. The Cliff 19. After The Fall

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