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Cirith Ungol -Dark Parade lp


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Black vinyl with gatefold cover and poster

Few bands in the history of the heavy metal underground have a story as remarkable, improbable, or uplifting as that of Cirith Ungol. The band started writing songs for Dark Parade as soon as previous album Forever Black was released. The end result is an unrelenting triumph of pessimism and pain; a charred vista rooted in the crunch-and-crash templates of classic doom metal and NWOBHM but delivered with contemporary production and perspective. The album is propulsive and insistent, reflecting the band’s love for metal, instinct to destroy, and disgust for mankind.

Track list:
1. Velocity (S.E.P.)
2. Relentless
3. Sailor On The Seas Of Fate
4. Sacrifice
5. Looking Glass
6. Dark Parade
7. Distant Shadows
8. Down Below

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Metal Blade Records

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3984 16049-1

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