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Cities of Mars ‎–The Horologist lp [orange]


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Exclusive Sweden only orange coloured vinyl. Limited 75 copies

This Gothenburg trio has taken things to a whole new level with their sophomore album. They truly expand the world of music with this mind-bending recording. Combining heavy doom riffs, ambient soundscapes and haunting vocals, there’s an unmistakable sci-fi narrative that flows through their music, helping them to push boundaries and channel their unique firebrand of heavy progressive rock. This album is very similar to their debut album Temporal Rifts for the early stages of the album. However, Cities Of Mars actually go under a mini transformation for the second half of the album where they start to experiment with their overall sound more by adding wonderful sounding psychedelic noises and playing a heavier style of music especially on songs such as: The Last Electric Dream, The Floating Museum and Lines In The Dark. I admire Cities Of Mars decision to experiment with their sound as it’s constantly thrilling and engaging to listen to. This album will speak volumes to their established fan-base and perhaps allow Cities Of Mars to enhance their reputation further within the global Doom/Sludge/Stoner Metal scene

Track list:
1. Necronograph
2. Trenches of Bah-belon
3. Inner Sanctum Outer Space
4. Hydrahead
5. The Last Electric Dream
6. The Floating Museum
7. Work Song
8. Lines In The Dark

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