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Norwegian pressed music cassette. Grey cassette with white paper label.

At a time when punk rock and new wave were sweeping the music charts, Birmingham, England-based quintet, City Boy, produced melodic, hook-laden, progressive rock tunes. Despite placing two songs, “5–7–0–5,” and “The Day the Earth Caught Fire,” the title track of their 1979 album, in the British Top Ten, the band failed to capitalize on their commercial success and disbanded in 1981. According to The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock, City Boy is remembered for their “strong identification with progressive rock and funk-oriented tracks”. Their 1979 album ‘The Day The Earth Caught Fire’ is in my opinion City Boys best album. If you liked Book Early (with the semi-hit 5705), you’ll love this release. The production values are great with Mutt Lange piecing together a great series of songs that leave the listener wanting more. The vocals are superb, The talent level of all the musicians is top-notch, and the overall production is easily equal to the best offerings from people like Roy Baker or Todd Rundgren. I would consider this a concept album about the plight of a man who wishes to become famous, and the impending end of the world that derails him. In the late 70’s and early 80’s this kind of concept albums seemed to churn out frequently. In the era of Queen, Rush, Boston and Supertramp, City Boy is truly a guilty pleasure not many music fans know about. It’s a sad shame that this album was never promoted by Atlantic records, unfortunately disco and punk were ruling the airwaves and did not allow this album to prosper.. It was ahead of its time. If you like a recording offering the full spectrum of dynamics from a quiet acoustic guitar to the Phil Spector wall of sound and memorable songwriting all in one the do yourself a favor and find a way to listen to this release, and you’ll see that this is a must for your collection.

Track listing:
1. The Day the Earth Caught Fire
2. It’s Only the End of the World
3. Interrupted Melody
4. Modern Love Affairs
5. New York Times
6. Up in the Eighties
7. Machines
8. Ambition: Ambition/ Me and My Tarot/ Rev-On/The End

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Vertigo Records

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7138 112