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Coffins -Craving To Eternal Slumber MC


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Dutch pressed music cassette. Black cassette with white text.

Tokyo’s extreme metal act Coffins have released a total blast of death metal with their album Craving To Eternal Slumber. Following the same way of bands like Asphyx, Autopsy, Grave, Carnage and Massacre, they hold their music to the most traditional path in Death Metal. Here is not melodies, experimentalisms or breakneck speed. Here the tempos as slow, the songs bitter and heavy as hell, the vocals uses guttural tones, and the instrumental session uses not so much of a technical approach, but rather a simple one that always has good results. And they hit their target again. They really don’t want to create something new, but follow their own path into traditional Death Metal. Once more, a slow funeral dirge of Coffins has the sound quality with a good sense of clearness and weight, all in equilibrium. But don’t wait for something too clear, because the band’s style is to be as heavy and distorted as they can. Their musical work is understandable, but very raw and putrid in some moments.

Track list:
1. Hatred Storm
2. Tyrant
3. Craving To Eternal Slumber
4. Stairway To Torment
5. An Obscure Pain
6. Decapitated Crawl

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