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Coldplay -Songs For The One I Love cd


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After surfacing in 2000 with the breakthrough single Yellow, Coldplay quickly became one of the biggest bands of the new millennium, honing a mix of introspective Brit-pop and anthemic rock that landed the British quartet a near-permanent residence on record charts worldwide. The group’s emergence was perfectly timed; Radiohead had just released the overly cerebral Kid A, while Oasis had ditched two founding members and embraced psychedelic experimentation on Standing on the Shoulder of Giants. U.K. audiences were hungry for a fresh-faced rock band with big aspirations and an even bigger sound, and Coldplay were more than happy to take the reins. Parachutes went multi-platinum in several countries and earned the band its first Grammy, but Coldplay continued to grow into the 2000s, topping their debut album’s success with higher record sales and an increased public profile. This limited digipack featues rare studio and live material. Also included here are two Flatline tracks with Chris Martin on vocals and the All Star Tribute track where Bono of U2 and Chris Martin shares vocals.

Track listing:
1. One I Love-unreleased 2002 studio track
2. I Bloom Blaum-unreleased 2002 studio track
3. 1.36-unreleased 2002 studio track
4. I Ran Away-unreleased 2002 studio track
5. You Only Live Twice-James Bond theme cover-live
6. Bigger Stronger-live Rockefeller Music Hall Oslo Norway 1st of December 2000
7. Help Is Round The Corner-unreleased 2000 studio track
8. No More Keeping My Feet On The Ground-unreleased 1998 studio track
9. For You-unreleased 2000 studio track
10. Careful Where You Stand-unreleased 2000 studio track
11. Bigger Stronger-unreleased 1999 studio track
12. Dont Panic-unreleased alternate 1999 studio track
13. See You Soon-unreleased 1999 studio track
14. Such A Rush-unreleased 1999 studio track
15. Brothers And Sisters-unreleased 1999 studio track
16. Easy To Please-unreleased 1999 studio track
17. Only Superstition-unreleased 1999 studio track
18. Whats Going On-All Star Tribute-with Bono of U2 and Chris Martin of Coldplay
19. Faultline – Wheres My Boy-with Chris Martin of Coldplay on vocals
20. Faultline – Your Love Means Everything Part 2-with Chris Martin of Coldplay on vocals

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