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Coldseed -Completion Makes The Tragedy cd


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Coldseed started as Blind Guardian co-founder and ex-drummer Thomas Thomen Stauch’s side project during early 2005, in collaboration with Soilwork’s singer, Bjorn Strid. After the recruitment of Lopez, Praest and the great Holzwarth (Sieges Even, Blind Guardian), Coldseed signed a contract with Nuclear Blast Records for the release of their debut album, Completion Makes The Tragedy. This album sounds like nothing these band members have done in the past so don’t expect anything that sounds like Soilwork or Blind Guardian. Instead the two members have taken parts of Fear Factory, Damageplan, Ministry and Pro-Pain and come up with something that is a mix of metalcore, industrial and groove metal where Speed is using far less growling and a lot more clean vocals, which themselves don’t sound like the clean vocals you’ve heard on later Soilwork albums.

Track listing:
1. My Affliction
2. Democracy Lesson
3. Nothing But A Loser
4. Five More To Fix
5. Burning With A Shade
6. Low
7. On My Way
8. Reflection
9. Completion Makes The Tragedy
10. Hatched
11. Vulture Of The Throne
12. At Last

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Nuclear Blast

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