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Coma –Disorder cd


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Enter into the hallowed halls of insanity and you will be greeted by the disorienting discord of pounding drums and crushing guitars, it is within these walls that lay the sacrosanct musical musings of Coma; within the torrent of speed of and raw form exists the band’s soundscape centered between the pillars of raw aggression and melodic drive. Hailing from Cagliari, Sardinia Coma sets itself apart from other acts by not only having a classic feel to their music but also offering unique approaches, such as when they bring in more melodic and slow leads to be played over insanely quick rhythms and completely change the dynamic of a song only to revert back a section later and repeat the process. The best thing with their 2019 album, Disorder, is the overall versatility of the album wherein no two songs sound the same, yet all carry the same attitude and voicings such that they are never too different to draw disinterest in the tracks. From the dynamic buildup of Cursed To Mankind to the slower and more contained verses of Buried the band isn’t afraid to explore varying avenues of approach. Not only is it a piece that could have come straight out the height of thrash metal but also very much something of modern construction a perfect mix of the two concepts that together define the band, Coma.

Track list:
1. Cursed To Mankind
2. Time
3. Ropes
4. Blood Fades To Ice
5. Nightmares
6. Ascending To Disorder
7. FBH
8. Alive
9. Trained To Pain
10. Buried

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