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Constipation –Alica cd


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Slovakian grindcore band Constipation, featuring members of Perversity, released their first full length album in January of 2023. The band originally formed in 1999 released a split album with Necrotomb in 2020 and now finally comes the full length album Alica. This album is everything grindcore used to be about. Rebellion, criticizing the dumb crowd, making fun of stupidity. And extreme means were always chosen. No compromise, no waste. Straight to the solar plexus. If you like crushing, dusty old-school grindcore, don’t hesitate a moment because these songs are written with that ancient sparkle. A frantic, manic piece of work that also retains its playfulness. Festeringly fun, morbidly beautiful grindcore from the good old days!

Track list:
1. TV Shit
2. Sex Cat
3. Pungent Smell
4. D.P.F.
5. Migrena
6. Necrogolo
7. Tancuj
8. Alica
9. Jam
10. Zumpa
11. Ruja
12. Mucha CC
13. Svet Facku Ti Da
14. Outroyoga

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