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Conviction (Fierce Conviction/Freternia/Zonata/Lake Of Tears/Crystal Eyes) – Decline / Rebirth


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Boras, Sweden based heavy metal band created in 1995 by Niclas Karlsson after he left Crystal Eyes. The original name was Fierce Conviction and it was used on the debut album 'The Requiem Of A Mourner' in 1998. The group shortened their name to simply Conviction for the follow up, the 1999 album 'Decline / Rebirth'. After the band had collapsed the members showed up in many other local acts like Freternia, Zonata and Lake Of Tears Track listing: 1. Life Beyond the Light 2. Deceiver 3. Crusade 4. Guilt 5. Man or Machine 6. Condemned to Extinction 7. Deem 8. Battle Tune 9. Song of Allegiance 10. Dreams 11. Source of Extraction

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