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Coroner -Venezia And East Berlin dlp [gold]


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Double album on gold vinyls. Limited 70 numbered copies

The Thrashing East Festival that took place on the 4th of March, 1990 has almost become legendary. This was the first and last international GDR-Thrash festival and it took place in the Werner Seelenbinder-Halle in East Berlin. Bands like Coroner, Tankard, Sabbat were followed by headliners Kreator and they all played in front of 7.000 fans. Coroner debuted with 1987’s R.I.P., then quickly followed it with 1988’s Punishment For Decadence, which featured a surprising cover of Hendrix’s Purple Haze. With 1989’s transitional No More Color, Coroner truly inaugurated their golden era and raised their standards on every front: from the stylized album artwork to the slower, tighter rhythms and riffs that revealed their incredible technical proficiency to the experiments that began breaking away from the limitations of thrash metal, both musically and lyrically. It was on this tour that the band got the chance to travel to East Berlin for this festival. Besides this great festival gig we also have an equally stunning show from The Punishment For Decadence Tour in 1988 recorded at the Teatro Ai Bersaglieri in Spinea, Venezia, Italy on the 7th of December 1988. Both these two shows are complete on this double album. Coroner was a unique band and here you can follow them as they have started to progress from being a conventional thrash band to a more complex prog metal act. Their was a reason why some labeled them the Rush of thrash metal. And here you can hear how they pull of their jaw-dropping musicianship live.

Track list:
1. R.I.P.-Venezia 1988
2. Shadow Of A Lost Dream-Venezia 1988
3. Absorbed-Venezia 1988
4. Sudden Fall-Venezia 1988
5. Masked Jackal-Venezia 1988
6. Arrogance In Uniform-Venezia 1988
7. The New Breed-Venezia 1988
8. Voyage To Eternity-Venezia 1988
9. Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix Experience cover-Venezia 1988
10. Totentanz-Venezia 1988
11. Reborn Through Hate-Venezia 1988
12. Shadow Of A Lost Dream-East Berlin 1990
13. Die By My Hand-East Berlin 1990
14. No Need To Be Human-East Berlin 1990
15. Read My Scars-East Berlin 1990
16. Voyage To Eternity-East Berlin 1990
17. Absorbed-East Berlin 1990
18. Masked Jackal-East Berlin 1990
19. D.O.A.-East Berlin 1990
20. Sudden Fall-East Berlin 1990
21. Reborn Through Hate-East Berlin 1990
22. Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix Experience cover-East Berlin 1990

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