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Corporation 187 – Perfection In Pain


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Though hailing from Sweden, Corporation 187 eschew the grandiose intricacies of their countrymen. Instead, the band set all weapons on obliterate and proceed to do so as quickly and efficiently as possible, with a style that owes as much to pioneering thrash bands as it does primordial death metal groups, if not more. Perfection in Pain is the first disc to include former Satanic Slaughter singer Filip Carlsson, who replaced original vocalist Pelle Severin (it was a reunion, actually, since Carlsson played bass in a mega-early version of Corporation 187 when they performed Slayer covers exclusively, and most of the group spent time in Satanic Slaughter as well), and his powerful, hoarse screams that will bring to mind an even more evil Schmier of Destruction fame fit in perfectly with the technically sound (but not in a showy way) and totally uncompromising metal onslaught. Track listing: 1. Religious Connection 2. Ghosts Of Confusion 3. Liquid Truth 4. My Life To Kill 5. Thursday Night Aggression 6. Perfection In Pain 7. 2nd Pain 8. Strange Is Strong 9. Violated Relation 10. The Joy Of Being Addicted

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