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Corpse Grinder / Cancerbero / Hellfire -Split cd


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Rare recordings from the Chilean underground. Early raw demos and rehearsals from three bands. This compilation album also includes a logo sticker from each band.

Corpse Grinder recorded several demos and rehearsals in the early nineties although the only major release was a cd compilation many years later. This cd contains the 1990 demo Distracted or Evil, with bonus rehearsal tracks from the same year! Raw and blown-out sound influenced by Sodom, Sarcofago.

Cancerbero was formed in 1987 by vocalist Peter and split up in 1994. They play a dark and morbid death metal. The 1991 Perpetual Agony demo is included with bonus rehearsal tracks from 1988. Cancerbero only released one other demo, Guardian Of Hell in 1988. Both demos received great acceptation from bangers and zines of that time and they played with the best Death Metal bands in Chile at the time, such as: Atomic Aggressor, Death Yell, Torturer…and more. They reformed around 2002 and have since released a few more demos, the most recent in 2008.

Hellfire was born in Santiago in the early 90s with the intention of recreating the hardest and most brutal European thrash metal, like Celtic Frost, Sodom, Destruction, Kreator and Death. The idea was to recover the easy and powerful compositions that nurtured Thrash Metal from its beginning. Bored of Death Metal (in vogue during those days) and the same monotonous and noisy’ riffs, they decided to take the harder road…to go against the flow.

Track listing:
1. Corpse Grinder – Distracted or Evil-from the Distracted Or Evil demo 1990
2. Corpse Grinder – Concentration Camps-from the Distracted Or Evil demo 1990
3. Corpse Grinder – Legions-from the Distracted Or Evil demo 1990
4. Corpse Grinder – Decay-from the Distracted Or Evil demo 1990
5. Corpse Grinder – Premoniton-rehearsal 1990
6. Corpse Grinder – Chemical War-rehearsal 1990
7. Cancerbero – Hellhound (The Return)-from Perpetual Agony demo 1991
8. Cancerbero – Into Death-from Perpetual Agony demo 1991
9. Cancerbero – Fenass Flight-from Perpetual Agony demo 1991
10. Cancerbero – Forgotten Reality-from Perpetual Agony demo 1991
11. Cancerbero – Carnage of the Dead-from Perpetual Agony demo 1991
12. Cancerbero – Dark Message-rehearsal 1988
13. Cancerbero – Pestilent Vomit-rehearsal 1988
14. Hellfire – Mad-rehearsal demo 1993
15. Hellfire – Dont Care-rehearsal demo 1993
16. Hellfire – After Dead-rehearsal demo 1993
17. Hellfire – Macabre Born-rehearsal demo 1993
18. Hellfire – Rest in Pieces-rehearsal demo 1993
19. Hellfire -After Dead -rehearsal 1992

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