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Corpsehammer –Metal De La Muerte cd


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Death Metal from Sweden presents itself on Metal De La Muerte. The major influence on this debut is Hellhammer and the early works of Celtic Frost. During all nine songs the focus is on the riffs, the guitar work sounds like directly taken from the early eighties. Regarding the songwriting the songs develop more slow, not too fast, although the speed paces up every time without tipping over to sheer blast beat frenzy.

Track list:
1. Nahash
2. Beso Infame
3. Tormenta Del Infierno
4. La Marca
5. Rito And Magia
6. Revelaciones
7. La Gula Del Satan
8. Sacrilegio
9. Angelus Morbus

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Bestial Invasion Records

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BIR 036