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Count Bishops ‎–Speedball 7″


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Rare Chiswick single with thin matt cover and a pink logo

Although amounting to little more than a footnote in the early days of English punk rock, the Count Bishops were a fine, energetic, R&B-based band capable of kicking out a fierce racket of noise that sounded like a grimier version of seminal British R&B revivalists Dr. Feelgood. Originally fronted by journeyman American singer Mike Spencer, the Count Bishops 1975 debut EP, Speedball, released on Ted Carroll’s wonderful Chiswick Records, was a straight-ahead slice of R&B that featured the spooky, exhilarating “Train, Train.” Surprisingly, the band unceremoniously dumped Spencer and recorded their self-titled debut with fellow Englishman Dave Tice, who had a voice so gruff it sounded as though he gargled with ground glass. Mike Spencer went on to The flying tigers and The Cannibals.

Track list:
1. Route 66-Bobby Troup cover
2. I Ain’t Got You-Billy Boy Arnold/Calvin Carter cover
3. Beautiful Delilah-Chuck Berry cover
4. Teenage Letter-Renald Richard cover

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Chiswick Records

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SW 1

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