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Covered Call ‎–Money Never Sleeps cd


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Covered Call is a new melodic hardrock act featuring the amazing vocals of front man Thomas Vikstrom, whose work can also be heard with Talk Of The Town, Candlemass, Brazen Abbot, Stormwind and Therion. His authoritative, full voice totally encapsulates each track making it almost seem that at times that only thing needed to bring these tracks to life was his voice. Time and again, his voice comes across as The focal point of Money Never Sleeps. And while this may seem to be a redundant thing to mention as this can be said for most releases, it must be pointed out that Vikstrom’s vocals were just what this band needed. From the opening track, the amazing All Because Of Me, to the pianos of Anything You Want, the wonderful harmonies of Shine, the hard rocking Never Again, the distorted guitars of I Wanna Be Free, the drums of Let’s Make it Real, and the highlights Till The End and Nothing At All, will all undoubtedly make one reach instantly for the volume knob. With not a filler to be heard, from start to finish, the overall tempo and vibe was spot on. This was easily one of the best melodic rock releases of 2009. Simply outstanding.

Track list:
1. All Because Of Me
2. Till The End
3. Shine
4. Never Again
5. Anything You Want
6. I Wanna Be Free
7. Nothing At All
8. Money Never Sleeps
9. What About Us
10. Lets Make It Real

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