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Cradle Of Filth –Dynamo Open Air 1997 cd


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Cradle of Filth was founded in Suffolk, England in 1991 as part of the second wave black metal genre. The bands lyrics and general imagery was heavily influenced by Gothic literature, poetry, mythology and horror films. The bands musical style would later evolve into a unique mixture of death, black, gothic and symphonic metal. This album was recorded at Vliegbasis Welschap in Eindhoven, Netherlands on the 18th of May during the Dynamo Open Air 1997 festival. Cradle Of Filth had at time only released The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh and Dusk And Her Embrace albums and their set list was made up of three songs from each album. Their debut would later find its way into Metal Hammer’s list of the top ten black metal albums of the last 20 years. The live recording does a fantastic job of capturing their live performances around this time. Tight and punchy, the sound quality was far better than expected. A short set list, but every track is a classic and makes this album one well worth listening to. The kids today don’t know what they missed with this band in their prime back then and those who stunned back in 1996 by their debut might have forgotten what a great band Cradle Of Filth once was.

Track list:
1. To Eve The Art Of Witchcraft
2. The Forest Whispers My Name
3. Dusk And Her Embrace
4. Malice Through The Looking Glass
5. Haunted Shores
6. The Black Goddess Rises

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