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Craft -Terror Propaganda lp


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2020 press on black vinyl with poster. Limited 250 copies

While certainly not offering up anything original in the new school of BM, it’s clear to see that Craft don’t give a fuck. The band’s second album, Terror Propaganda, resonates with plenty of Celtic Frost and Darkthrone influences in all facets: the simple artwork, the attitude, and of course the music. However, we’re not dismissing Craft as a clone or a shit band. Oh, no. Even though these Swedes stick to a beaten-and-true path of black metal, certain things lurk in the mix that set Craft apart in a certain way. Riffs shift between icy tremolo picking, mean-as-fuck power chord bashings, massive sludgefests, and a slice of dissonant, atonal sequences that are often played alone that create a cavernous sense of terror; the latter seem to be highly influenced by a dark ambient style, or maybe even the wave of French BM bands in the mid-90’s. Either way, the guitar work is filthy as hell and represents the true spirit of black metal at work. Craft’s songwriting skills never stagnate, and even the slower Celtic Frost-esque riffs are kept interesting with splices of pinch harmonics. Craft will rip your fucking face off. Not with blaspehemy or speed, but with true black metal spirit.

Track listing:
1. Ablaze
2. The Silence Thereafter
3. Reaktor 4
4. Hidden Under The Skin
5. False Orders Begone
6. N.D.P.
7. 616
8. Terror Propaganda

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