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Crematory -Pray cd


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The album opens with When Darkness Falls that enters with some clean guitar arpeggios and after a while turns into a classic groovy and catchy gothic metal song. The vocals change from clean to brutal following the trademark Crematory pattern with Felix and Matthias on the opposite sides. ‘Left The Ground’ reminds me of Amorphis and their latest works comprising a really catchy guitar main riff surrounded my nicely put keyboard melodies. The keyboards take the leading role in the misty ‘Alone’ that even though is a mid tempo track it possesses a certain emotional dynamic that almost overwhelms and at some point depresses the listener. The title track Pray comes with a strong chorus melody that will make most of you sing-along while adds some aggression during the middle of the song. The guitars take hold of the situation in the pretty fast Burning Bridges that offers some quality headbanging time while Have You Ever welcomes some Paradise Lost influences from their glory days of Icon. Even after ten albums Pray proves that Crematory belongs among the higher positions in the gothic metal league.

Track list:
1. When Darkness Falls
2. Left The Ground
3. Alone
4. Pray
5. Sleeping Solution
6. Just Words
7. Burning Bridges
8. Have You Ever
9. Remember
10. Say Goodbye

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