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Need quality death metal fast, press...

Crematory -The Exordium 10″ [mustard]


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Mustard splatter vinyl with insert. Limited 100 copies

Swedish death metal act Crematory was formed in Haninge in 1989 and during their four years of existence they released some high quality demos and one EP. Most of the band members that had been in the band went on to higher success like vocalist Stefan Harrvik to Necrophobic, Urban Skytt to Regurgitate and Nasum, Johan Hanson to Regurgitate, Mats Nordrup to General Surgery and Regurgitate, Mikael Lindvall to Afflicted and session vocalist Christofer Johnsson to the mighty Therion amongst others. The Exordium was the bands 1990 demo that now have been released as a limited 10” vinyl.

Track list:
1. The Exordium
2. Shunks Of Flesh
3. Unvassive Possession
4. Requim Of The Dead

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