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Crimson Dawn –Inverno cd


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Crimson Dawn was born in 2005 and shows passion for epic traditional doom metal. Their debut album. Strange Aeons was mastered by Dan Swanö. Now we jump forward to 2020 and the release of the third album, Inverno. The album includes occult tales, fantasy, and legends—the stuff that is common but more so in power metal then doom metal. Vocalist Antonio actually has a soaring voice that would be right at home in a power metal band and though the band’s sound is definitely rooted in Doom, the energy and larger than life power metal songs is definitely on display here. Combine that with thick, huge riffs and tight songwriting, then what you have is a Doom album of extremely high quality and replay ability. In essence, this is just one of those albums that is fun—that isn’t a word associated with the often morose doom metal genre but it fits here because you can press play on Inverno, and not have to worry about skipping a track—just sit back and enjoy the Doom.

Track list:
1. The House On The Lake
2. Thulsa Doom And The Cult Of The Snake
3. Inverno
4. From Beyond
5. Nameless One
6. Return To Agarthi
7. Condemned To Live
8. Soulcrush

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