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Crimson Midwinter (Torture Killer) – Random Chaos


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Finland's Crimson Midwinter were ahead of their time incorporating melody and clean guitars into the typical ‘faster then thou’ Black Metal-sound we were all listening to. The band operated at or beyond the levels of Norwegians Emperor, unleashing a black infested white noise, ambient thrash at inhuman speeds, with the added rare attraction of some keyboards and slower guitar-arrangements, which proves that there must of been a least a few dark nights when these guys were playing along to their Rush-records, rather than terrorizing the neighbourhood. Once you cope with the fact that this stuff is more about texture and mood than hooky choruses, it's easier for any fan to appreciate the six foot thick wall of buzzing sonics. Vocals, of course, sound like Beavis on one of his nervous fits, but it's perfect for this type of music. This is a classic, lovingly and pain-staking assembled, proving that Black Metal infused with effort and creativity can result in respect. Fans wear you inverted crosses with pride and check these bad boys out. To bad that this masterpiece never was really promoted and marketed properly. With Jari Laine and Taneli Hatakka from Torture Killer Track listing: 1. Carnal Inferno 2. The Burden Of Immortality 3. Metalglory! 4. Random Chaos Logic 5. Flames Forseed 6. Bloodmetalfist 7. Loneliness, Bitterness: Utopia Falls 8. Like Pearls Before Swine

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