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Critical Mass Volume 2 lp


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Black vinyl with a 16 page booklet. Limited 525 copies

The second volume in the “Critical Mass” vinyl compilation series was released in January of 2015. Once again it features twelve of the best Swedish acts in the hard metal (death/thrash/black) and old school hardcore/punk genre. To make the album really stand out, the bands have contributed with exclusive material. Eleven of the twelve bands recorded new material, only available on this compilation! The twelfth band, Birdlflesh, contributed with two tracks that makes it onto a vinyl for hte first time

Track list:
1. Mordbrand -Vredesdom
2. Paganizer -Captor Of The Ancient
3. The Hidden -Cruenta Victoria
4. Birdflesh -Anal Death
5. Birdflesh -Bad Girls Don’t Loop
6. Nightmare City -Y’N’T
7. The Cheapshots -Piece By Piece
8. The Cheapshots -Ramblin Woman
9. The Pete Flesh Deathtrip -Demons Nor Zarath
10. Jormundgand -The Burning Light Of Daath
11. Insane -Preach Of Evil
12. Paranoid -Hi No Naka Ni Sogi
13. Total Inferno -Speed Metal Death
14. Sinners Burn -Death Of A Thousand Bites

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