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Cro-Mags ‎–2020 Box [3×7 red/white/blue]


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7″ box set with 3 singles on red, white and blue vinyls. Limited 500 copies

The year, 2020, was really shaping up to be Harley Flanagan’s year. In the first quarter of the year, he was gearing up to release the album In The Begining, a vital-sounding album and crucially dynamic record that served as a career reset for the newly reformed Cro-Mags. Yes after years of lawsuits and band strife between vocalist John Joseph and Harley Flanagan the latter finally reclaimed ownership of the Cro-Mags name. But 2020 didnt go as planned, not for anyone. The covid virus struck hard and for some it was life changing. Poor people, old people, black people, trans people, anyone with limited access to resources have borne the burden of the new paradigm. And if you aren’t one of those thrown directly under the treads of the market as its rolls ceaselessly forward, you can scarcely do anything but stare in horror. It’s enough to make you want to scream until you’re hoarse. I don’t think it’s patronizing to say, that scream is exactly what Harley and the Cro-Mags have done on their 2020 EP. Not willing to sit ideally by and watch the world burn, they went back into the studio to capture the winds of their discontent so that the sound of their fury could be heard around the globe. The six tracks on their EP remarkably clock in at 20 minutes and 20 seconds, something the band claims is entirely unintentional. So this turbulent time finally marked the return for one of the worlds most turbulent and endearing bands and Harley can now assure that he will release more music with the band he founded almost forty years ago. This was a pioneering band when it came to NY hardcore and its finally a really good time to be a Cro-Mag again.

Track list:
1. Age Of Quarantine
2. 2020
3. Life On Earth
4. Violence And Destruction
5. Chaos In The Streets
6. Crofusion

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