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Cro-Mags -Best Wishes lp [splatter]


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American 2023 re-issue on clear splattered vinyl

What would Lemmy Kilmister and Motörhead have sounded like if they’d been influenced by the Hare Krishna sect and the beliefs of Hinduism? They might have sounded like New York’s unorthodox thrash metal/punk outfit the Cro-Mags, whose Best Wishes rocks ferociously while expressing a very Hindu viewpoint. The album cover contains some distinctly Indian art, and songs like Age of Quarrel, Crush the Demoniac and Days of Confusion were clearly inspired by the Bhagavad-Gita and other Hindu scriptures. The New Yorkers may see the violent, chaotic world around them as a living hell, but their overall message is one of hope and optimism. The Cro-Mags do see better days ahead — even if one has to go through various reincarnations in order to find them. Of course, a headbanger doesn’t have to embrace Hinduism in order to appreciate Best Wishes — whatever one’s spiritual beliefs, this is a band that rocks without hesitation. Cro-Mags helped define the East Coast hardcore movement and it’s practically impossible to understand or appreciate New York hardcore without first spending time listening to the albums Age Of Quarrel and Best Wishes

Track listing:
1. Death Camps
2. Only One
3. Crush The Demoniac
4. Then And Now
5. Days Of Confusion
6. Down But Not Out
7. Fugitive
8. Age Of Quarrel

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