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Crowbar -Odd Fellows Rest cd


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Despite the change in labels, Crowbar’s fifth album differs only imperceptibly from past releases — Odd Fellows Rest is as thick and slow as molasses, with titles like “.And Suffer As One,” “Decembers Spawn” and “Behind The Black Horizon” clear tip-offs that the group takes itself way too seriously. The opening number “Planets Collide”, strongly resembles a Forgotten Tomb track and the title track is just another “Planet Caravan” rip-off… as the Black Sabbath reference wasn’t already obvious.

Track list:
1. Intro
2. Planets Collide
3. And Suffer As One
4. 1000 Year Internal War
5. To Carry The Load
6. Decembers Spawn
7. Its All In The Gravity
8. Behind The Black Horizon
9. New Man Born
10. Scattered Pieces Lay
11. Odd Fellow Rest
12. On Frozen Ground

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