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The Crown ‎–Zombiefied shape


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Shaped picture disc. Limited to 250 numbered copies

Shaped picture disc featuring two tracks from The Crowns 2003 album Possessed 13. This album featured the welcome return of Johan Lindstrand. For anyone who owns the prior Crown albums that news announcement was more than enough to convince you that yes, the new album would kick major ass. Not only has Lindstrand balls, attitude and power but with him back in the band you can feel that the chemistry has changed. They now feel so comfortable and strong that it feels like nothing ever changed after Johan Lindstand left and eventually returned: his growls are absolutely lethal at all levels and both Marko and Marcus issue a blasting slaughter of zesty riffs and ripping solos. The A-side features the speedfest “Zombiefied”, which must be shitloads of fun to scream along to live. I also love on this one how during the guitar solo, Johan screams alternating between the left and right channels “Zombie! Zombie!” On the B-side we have the mid-paced “Bow To None”.

Track list:
1. Zombiefied!
2. Bow To None

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