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Crown The Lost ‎–Blind Faith Loyalty cd


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An album that boasts plenty of melodic songwriting and the golden throat of Chris Renaldi, yet is powered by a stout combination of thrash and melodic death metal. The band is Pennsylvania’s Crown The Lost and the album is Blind Faith Loyalty. What you get is locomotive-powered, yet tasteful, musicality that meets somewhere between modern thrash and In Flames / At The Gates melo-death propulsion with a proggy air, the sheer strength and melodiousness of Chris Renaldi’s singing, and songwriting that demonstrates care and effort. It all adds up to a fairly unique style. Crown The Lost is really onto something here.

Track list:
1. Defame The Hypocrites
2. Drawing The Parallel
3. Bound To Wrath
4. Symbiotic
5. Finality
6. Dreaming In Reverse
7. Privation
8. Impose Your Will
9. Hollow Refuge
10. Blind Faith Loyalty

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