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Crucifix -Respekt För Äldre cd


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Swedish nineties punk act Crucifix hailed from Norrkoping. They were formed back in 1986 and four demos was released during their career together with the classic split cassette with Rune And The Rockers and the EP “Innan Vi Dör” on the PB record label. P.B stands for Profit Blaskan, which was a fanzine run by Mikael Sörling at the time. The band also appeared on a bunch of compilation releases. The band were Ricky Balkert bass and vocals, Martin Lindstrom guitar and Patrik Patte Carlsson on drums. The band split up in 1995 but a cd featuring all the material the band released during their time was released in 1998 on the “Respekt För Äldre” album. Ricky Balkert would go on and play with hardcore act Bizzarre Scums. Anyone into melodic punk rock like Asta Kask should check this out

Track list:
1. Respekt För Äldre
2. Hur Ska Det Gå?
3. Stadsterror
4. Kravaller I City
5. En Annorlunda Julklapp
6. Amfetamin Begär
7. Våga Vägra Värnplikt
8. Svarta Lagen
9. Psykopat
10. Doktorn
11. Pungslick
12. Unga Flickor
13. FN-Tjänst
14. Blodskam
15. Skjut För Fan
16. Freda Kväll
17. Är Det Nödvändigt
18. Ett Övergivet Barn
19. Drunken Sailor
20. 10.000 Strupar
21. Mitt Sista Hopp
22. Svenska Lotta Kåren
23. Fjäsk För Mat
24. Sadist
25. Mental Missväxt
26. Freda Kväll-distad mix
27. Svenska Lotta Kåren-new track
28. Våga Vägra Värnplikt-new track
29. Kramp Signaturen-utro
30. Den Ljuva Tystnaden

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