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Crude S.S. ‎–Killing For Nothing lp [red]


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Red vinyl with printed innersleeve. Limited 300 copies

Pioneers of the early D-beat scene, Crude S.S., need little introduction to the extreme punk record-buying audience. Formed in Fagersta, Sweden in 1982, C.S.S. helped define the whole crust-core subgenre, along with their pals Anti-Cimex and Mob 47. Hints of extreme metal à la Venom and Celtic Frost, mixed with the UK hardcore approach of Conflict, Crass and Discharge were the main ingredients for a recipe which allowed the band to build a following for 35 years to come. Killing For Nothing is a vinyl compilation of rare and previously unreleased tracks (taken from EP’s, comps and demo’s) by these influential Swedish ’80s HC-legends.

Track list:
1. Who’ll Survive
2. Nazi Go Home
3. Respect The Earth
4. Blue Eyed Devils
5. You Can’t Deny It
6. Forced Values
7. Vad Jag Säger Och Vad Du Gör
8. Chaos
9. Sick Pleasure
10. Grillad
11. Ingen Skola
12. Bullying A Nation
13. Spräng Alla Kommunhus
14. Gud Som Haver Barnen Kär
15. Kaos
16. Destroy Capitalism
17. Svensson Svensson
18. Leonid Var Röd
19. 100 Döda Snutar

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Distortion Records / Discunion Records

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