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Crystal Ball –Crystallizer cd


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Crystal Ball’s 2018 album, their 10th overall, Cryallizer, was produced, mixed and mastered by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-Accept, ex-U.D.O.) who also put down guitar solo on three tracks. This Swiss act are playing a classic format of German Power Metal, with some influences from Helloween on the past, but with some touches from Iron Maiden and Accept as well. Their music is melodic, with the right amount of aggressiveness, very good musical arrangements, fine choruses. If you havent heard the band before then check them out as you will get hooked.

Track list:
1. Crystallizer
2. Curtain Call
3. Alive For Evermore
4. S.O.S.
5. Crazy In The Night
6. Gentlemans Agreement
7. Let Her Go With Love
8. Beauty In The Beast
9. Death On Holy Ground
10. Satisfaction Guaranteed
11. Exit Wound
12. Dusty Deadly
13. Symphony Of Life

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