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Csihar Attila (Mayhem/Emperor/Tormentor) – The Beast of


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The Best of Attila Csihar Tracklist: 1. ABORYM-Out of Shell 2. PLASMA POOL-Chanceless Relegion 3. TORMENTOR-Heaven 4. KOROG-Worshipping of Current 5. ANAAL NATHRAKH-Atavism 6. MAYHEM-Cursed For Eternity 7. PLASMA POOL-Story Of Flying 8. PROFESSOR FATE-Ghost Dance 9. LIMBONIC ART-Serpently Inspired 10. EMPEROR-Funeral Fog 11. PLASMA POOL-False The Saint 12. ABORYM-Here Is No God 13. MAYHEM-Freezin' Moon 14. TORMENTOR-Trance MP3 with SUNN O)))

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