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D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) -Dic.Nii.Lan.Daft.Erd.Ark cd


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Danish press on Mermaid Records with slipcase

D-A-D are back with their 11th studio album ‘’. D-A-D, Denmark’s most popular foursome, has entered their 27th year of rocking band history. And where other bands with a similar curriculum are doomed to linger in early works- administration, the brothers Jacob and Jesper Binzer, Stig Pedersen and Laust Sonne are busy re-inventing themselves time and again. After countless sessions at Studio23 in Frankfurt Germany and in their hometown Copenhagen, interrupted by Open Air Festivals and Headliner Shows, an album has emerged that clearly satisfies everybody who was involved. Singer Jesper Binzer describes his feelings surrounding the recording process as an atmosphere of euphoric mood as a spirit of a dawning adventure usually more related to your first recordings. But still: We felt a new kind of self-confidence, which also shows in the decision of booking Nick Foss as our producer once again. Foss was also responsible for producing rock history’s classics No fuel left for the pilgrims, Sympatico and Everything Glows. Emerging from this work process is an album with 12 songs, which guitarist Jacob Binzer tends to label: possibly our best in a couple of years.

Track listing:
1. A New Age Moving In
2. I Want What Shes Got
3. The End
4. Fast On Wheels
5. The Place Of The Heart
6. The Last Time In Neverland
7. Breaking Them Heart By Heart
8. We All Fall Down
9. Wild Things In The Woods
10. I Cant Explain What It Means
11. Drag Me To The Curb
12. Your Lips Are Sealed

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