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D.A.D (Disneyland After Dark) -Forty Love Greatest Hits dlp


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Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover

The biggest Danish rock band celebrates it’s birthday! D-A-D turns forty years old. Of course, it’s time to celebrate. And how! A best-of release that’s really something. All of the band’s hits from four decades of music history, compiled on one album. The absolutely true greatest hits. Congratulations to the band and have fun on this wild ride through nostalgia and the present! From songs like Sleeping My Day Away or Bad Craziness to new songs like A Prayer For The Loud or Burning Star. There is something for every fan of every decade.

Track list:
1. Sleeping My Day Away
2. Everything Glows
3. Point Of View
4. Burning Star
5. Its After Dark-live
6. Bad Craziness
7. Ninteenhundredandyesterday
8. Monster Philosophy
9. Grow Or Pay
10. Laugh N ½
11. Soft Dogs
12. I Want What Shes Got
13. A Prayer For The Loud
14. Jihad-live
15. Reconstrucdead
16. Scare Yourself
17. Marlboro Man
18. Evil Twin
19. I Wont Cut My Hair-live
20. Ridin With Sue-live
21. Home Alone 4
22. Isn’t That Wild

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